WA Fish Quest: Redtail Surfperch – Oct 2012

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Originally Published on Oct 28, 2012

Now in fish-tacular wide screen! Redtail surf perch are one of my favorite Washington sport fish! They are a plentiful, hard fighting, good eating fish.

I like to fish for them from about mid October to late January. They give birth to live young, and are usually done birthing by late September or early October. The best time to fish for them (in my opinion) is May-August, but I always feel bad if I accidentally keep a pregnant female.

October 2012 WA FishQuest


Dedicated server says:

The vertical marks begin as bars when young and become less distinct olive-red-brown markings as the fish grows. The longest dorsal spines of the redtail surfperch are longer than dorsal fin rays, which helps distinguish the redtail surfperch from the barred and calico surfperch.

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