Topwater Fishing for Gator Bluefish (with super slow-motion)

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Big bluefish slamming topwater plugs in NJ. Video by Tom Lynch. Veteran anglers Bob McGinley, Eric Hoff and Bill fished Ron Muccie (Indestructable PVC) and Lex Lure pencil poppers with great success. Roberts Rangers, Big Ed’s and other assorted topwater plugs also scored big. All hooks were barbless. All fish were released. Video features high-frame-rate slow motion imagery.


xD4tK1Ddx says:

whats rods are being used here? i see van staal reels. just wondering…

fs014065 says:

I have a Rapala Husky Jerk HJ-10, Fishing hooks with barbs just so the the bunker doesn’t fall off while i cast it. i have a kastmaster with a tube tail in green. i have 50 lb braided fishing line. should i need any other things?

surffishingvideos says:

bunker or mullet at night for bait. heavy mono leader (80lb), no real need for wire. Blues will hit swimming plugs at night, such as Bombers and SP minnows. I suggest taking the trebles off, replacing with single tail hooks and crushing your barbs. Using barbless single hooks make unhooking a lot easier and safer for you and the fish. If there are stripers around, leave a barbless treble or single hook on the belly.

fs014065 says:

i wanted to know what would be the set up for getting blues at night, and at night with bait or lures.


Nice nice nice!

roca444 says:

where in nj were u catching these monsters

cuff1957 says:

i like to use the swedish pimple and the deadly dick for blues

ThePlofadi says:

I heard rapala makes good lures for blues and about any other fish out there rapala ftw!

pescadinha123 says:

wow nice fishing day… what part of new jersey is that ?

fishinghuntingGR says:


This amazing video has added to official website for fishing&hunting:

Nice work!

keep walking! 🙂

pinuzmaster says:

one of best video of youtube..

OXiSixteen says:

lol hotforwords music

Anthony Lippman says:

What type of lures were you guys using? Looked like spooks and pencil poppers?

Sea Bahrain says:

Thanks for amazing video … Super fishing

GiulioM16 says:

topwater fantastic, especially the white! but sells them at home or are do it yourself? in Italy are on the market?

Stripersor Bust says:

Two questions. First, how do you get all the way out there without your reel getting submerged? Or is it shallow water all the way? And two, what season is best for bluefish? The websites and regulations pages say all year but what months do you actually catch the big bluefish?

overseas971 says:

great attacks

MWHITEY32 says:

or are there always this many fish caught with that much action

MWHITEY32 says:

was this a blitz

bacardipr05 says:

Having a blue so close to my family jewels scares me…I havent had kids yet…Yikes..

freshtosaltfishermen says:

Hey, nice vids, if you subscribe, Ill subscribe back!

brunovisquim says:

what is it called the artificial bait used ?

KleKemi says:

fantastic guys, they are some BIG ‘bluefish’. over here in OZ we call them ‘tailor’. They put up a half decent fight hey! Not sure but I heard that in South Africa they call them “elf”

muskiesteve says:

Wow great job on the vid. LOVE THE SLOW MOE…

irishangler2000 says:

We’re is tis

Kitchen965 says:

We get them in Australia :).

kidawiz1 says:

this vid is so dope

thescooterboys7 says:

hi,may i ask where this location is..?

yakup kadri sarı says:


DavePiccolo85 says:

Quoto !!

johnniwonton1976 says:

this vid makes me so horny and even my girlfriend’s screaming out “OH GOD!”

alienboy1996 says:

hey, im going fishing in wales in a couple of days for sea bass from the shore , got any good tips?? cheers

74enjoi says:

wut state are you in

MarcGoffxLeeMilesq says:

Love your videos, I subscribed 🙂

jaylee704 says:

i like to fish in cape cod bay i use the red and white poper ,these bleufish are pretty good size bleus ,the biggest bleufish i ever caught was 21 pounds!!!!! i love fishing!!

jeremyantworth says:

Sweet footage! amazing shots. wish some big blues would come up my way

pimpmaster43214 says:

blue fish are delicious 

marcolospinner says:

magari prenderli io cosi

bulldude8796 says:

You should try doing the same with circle hooks…….. seriously it works give the fish some slack the second you the fins and THEN when the fish bites you pull. I love circle hooks… lolzorz

andrewloyd67 says:

Awesome footage, thanks for sharing it

Anyone catching and releasing please keep fingers out fo the gills so they dont kill the fish…

fs014065 says:

I cuaght 5 huge ones yesterday

psykodragz says:

where can i fish in NJ with such calm waters ? is it depending on time and place ?

namllenium00 says:

great video, great gear, great fishing, great time. Got to go there before I die. Thank you guys.

Thelaxprofisherman says:

if I’m fishin chunks on snelled hooks with heavy mono snells would a blue bite through it and do blues eat clams?

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