Tautog and Triggerfish – Cape Henlopen, DE July 2013

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Originally Published on Jul 22, 2013

I went back to Cape Henlopen, DE for possible spear-fishing. The wind was about 12mph I expected. Wind @12mph isn’t ideal for spear-fishing because the high waves make murky water even worse. But I brought fishing rods and shrimp for bait for Tautog and triggerfish just in case

When I got there, the Outer Wall, my two kayak-fishing friends were there unexpectedly. I dove 5 times and stopped spear-fishing because the water visibility was less than 5′

A few days ago, I learned from local fishermen, Size 1 hook for both triggerfish and tautog in summer. So I brought size one hooks and shrimp for bait. But I forgot to bring 30#test mono for the leader. I only had 15# test mono. So I had to extra careful because the leader line gets scuffed badly by the fish and on the rocky bottom.

I caught two triggerfish and 3 tautog, One of the tautog was a keeper @20 inches
The triggerfish were my first triggerfish caught on rod and reel
My friend also caught his first triggerfish


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