Originally Published on Nov 9, 2013 Day 3 This was our November surf fishing trip to Davis Island, Nov 1-3, 2013.  Definitely one of the best trips we’ve had.  We went over on Davis Ferry and fished Friday evening, Saturday, and Sunday.  This is part 2, Sunday. [Admin: Not the best examples of how to handle a fish, but lots of action.]
Originally Published on Sep 3, 2013 Nice Redfish Caught while surf fishing off Texas beach.
Originally Published on Nov 5, 2012 Rare Albino Redfish Caught While Fishing Daytona Beach [Admin: Redfish/Red drum colorations vary depending on whether the fish has been in the shallower estuaries or in the ocean.]
Originally Uploaded on Nov 1, 2010 Fishing out at the Texas City Dike with Zach, Chris and Denny. Video is of Denny landing a 19lb. Red Drum fish…cool part was that it hit almost as soon as the bait hit the water! The Red was 39″ long and 19 lbs…
Originally Published on Jun 23, 2010 Nice bull red taken off Crystal Beach, Florida.
From Ben Verner 70# Red Drum Surf Fishing [Nice quality video of a bull red.]
Originally Published on Aug 12, 2013 I head on vacation to Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. While the rest of the family is relaxing, I’m fishing. I had the best week of surf fishing ever and caught my 2 biggest saltwater fish. [Fish identified as a “croaker” looks more like a whiting/sea mullet.]
Originally Published on Jul 18, 2012 Off shore winds, clear water, calm seas…one of those perfect Florida days. Nephew John and I drove 600 miles on Sportsters just to fish Florida lakes, ponds and piers.
Originally Published on Oct 24, 2012 http://www.burkessaltwaterflies.com/i… No hits on bait this outing
Originally Published on May 12, 2013 I take my son out to catch some sharks for his birthday but we end up with another of his favorite fish. Actually, all fish are his favorite, but we regular catch bull reds earlier in the year. This time we mistake a red for a shark. Thanks to Cobra Kayaks and Saltwater Soul.
Originally Uploaded on Oct 25, 2011 Just a fun day fishing with Pete and Gina during the beginning of this year’s Bullred run, near High Island. Reels used: -Daiwa 20sha -Avet MXL -Penn 4/0 wide -Cheap Quantumn Spinning Reel