Originally Published on Jan 8, 2014 Fishing on the North Shore of Oahu. I just sat down when my pole went crazy. This is me pulling in a 12.5 lb. Bluefin Trevally or Omilu. [Admin: Not sure what this guy’s obsession with, “It’s a whale!” is all about, but…]
Published on Jul 22, 2012 Michael Remigio catching a 5 lb. Papio (omilu) on the east side of Kauai. Bait used – live mamo. Live bait hook on 30 lb. test leader, 2 oz. lead on 15 lb. test line.
Originally Uploaded on Jun 30, 2011 Went back to the ocean to do more Papio and Lai fishing, but instead of early morning, it was a late afternoon run. Caught a bunch of lizard fish and lost a nice Omilu. Zach took the “Banana” out of his pocket and we hooked into a reel screamah dat put my small pole and reel to the test. I think Zach put the Banana in his ada pocket, because his reel broke shortly after. (P.S. For those non-fishermen out there… Bananas are considered bad luck.)  Puako, Big Island of Hawaii
Caught this Papio (Jack Crevalle) during a tournament.   I caught the Papio on a live hinalea; dunk (bottom fishing) style with live bait mustad hook.  Medium pole with 20 lb. test line and 40 lb. leader.
Fishing Oahu’s South Shore on a beautiful Aloha Friday afternoon. [Papio (aka Jack Crevalle) is a popular fish to catch in Hawaii, and while many consider them to be “pests” on the mainland, is a targeted game fish.  I would rank it in the top 2 with o’io (aka bonefish) for shore fishing.  Of course, the coveted prize for the shore fisherman is the “ulua”, which is a papio/trevally of more than 10 lbs.  Other videos will focus on night fishing for Giant Trevally (GT’s) that run 50-120 lbs or more.] Credit: The Green – Travlah (Ways & Means) bit.ly/tMqNm6