Surf Fishing North Shore of Oahu – Jan 2014

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Originally Published on Jan 8, 2014

Fishing on the North Shore of Oahu. I just sat down when my pole went crazy. This is me pulling in a 12.5 lb. Bluefin Trevally or Omilu.

[Admin: Not sure what this guy’s obsession with, “It’s a whale!” is all about, but…]


Mark bonoan says:

Hi there…just wanna ask what kind bait you use to catch your bluefin trevally… Thanks

Admin says:

Most surf fishermen going for ulua (jacks), will use octopus (called “tako” in Hawaii), eel, or live bait, depending on what’s available to them. If you watch the other videos on ulua fishing in Hawaii, you will see all of these baits being used at one time or another.

jeff says:

any tips on whipping off the beaches? will be in punaluu next week for a few days. would like to pack some tackle from the mainland

Admin says:

[Admin: I would suggest you view some of the videos in the Fishing Hawaiian Style 9 section and in particular, those videos where they are whipping from shore. If you are referring to Punaluu Beach, on the Big Island, it can be a little tricky there. I would suggest packing plugs of at least 1 ounce so that you can get some distance into your casts. At times, it can be very windy along the rocky shoreline and if the winds happen to be onshore winds, it can be pretty rough. If you want to try inside the bay, lighter tackle with smaller jigs and/or plugs of 1/2 to 3/4 ounce should do. As for colors, that’s a bit harder. There are those who swear by light/white and those who swear by dark/black plugs/jigs, so take what you have confidence in. In the long run, that’s what it comes down to. Be aware of the “honu” or turtles in the area, as there are a lot of them in the Punaluu area and you don’t want to accidentally snag one. Surface plugs or shallow running lures is what I would suggest. Leave the diving plugs at home. Target species will likely be papio/ulua (aka Jack Crevalle) and like mackerel, you can’t retrieve your lures too fast! Good luck and enjoy your trip!]

Payton stewart says:

I am going to be at turtle bay for thanksgiving and I have like 6 mark white lures and like 14 outbluff lures and 1 popper I’m wondering where those would work and catch some omilu thanks

Admin says:

Admin: From what I’ve seen, you should be able to go out to the west side of the bay and do pretty well there, especially towards the outside. You can also follow the link of this video to YouTube and post a question in the comment section there, directly to the video poster. is a re-posting collection of videos that I have found on various video websites, such as YouTube, and as such you are not linking directly to the original post.
Having said that, you’ve got a good assortment of lures that should do well there.

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