Surf Fishing 101 – Delaware Stripers and Blues

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Originally Uploaded on Nov 30, 2009

Fun day catching Stripers and Blues.  3Rs Road, Indian River Inlet, Delaware from 2009.


phartattack says:


bloodknot101 says:

Yeah – these are the only big blues aside from the one I caught in the long video titled Pay Dirt – that we have seen over the last 5 years in Delaware water. Fishing on our side has suffered terribly, tapering down since the late 80’s. Fishing is much better on Jersey shore and other points north, probably due to climate change and water temps. Thx 4 watching and best wishes.

dmjvid says:

Nice slammer blues! Can’t wait to bring my son out to IRI Thanksgiving week 2012. He is 12 and loves fishing.

bloodknot101 says:

we usually keep one or two fish a season, if that – mostly catch and release. thx 4 watching.

jacob19adkins says:

Why release

diceman199 says:

No real experience with surf fishing as such. Off the beach a bit yes but didn’t have much surf. pulled in a 10kg+ ray though 🙂

bloodknot101 says:

its how must surf fishermen around here do it – thx for watching and commenting

diceman199 says:

I think allowing the surf to bring it up the beach while you reel in is a pretty sensible way to do it myself. Make the surf work for you. Size of fish doesn’t always indicate the fight in the fish either.

diceman199 says:

Love that question….whats it feel like…biggest one I ever caught felt like I’d hooked an old tire and was dragging it in through 6 inches of mud 🙂 turned out to be a huge stingray

Minnowmayhem says:

hey nice vid…i have liked your vid…plz sub to my fishing channal and i will sub back =)

hheennrryy12 says:

Nice fishing looks like fun

bloodknot101 says:

instead of critiquing a world class surf fisherman like my friend Bill, how bout posting a video showing the rest of us a better way to handle 10-12lb blues in the surf? oh but you dont have any videos on your channel. hmm…

joirjoja1 says:

took to long to bring him in….for a small fish…

bloodknot101 says:

exactly – thx 4 watching!

DJsuperPENGUIN says:

just for th fun of it

Tamer Fahmy says:

Thanks for your reply….actually I am asking cause I am going shore fishing in the Med sea…I usaully fish with cut baits like Calamari and Sardines… about the artificial lures( what kind of lures like soft plastic and spinners and rapalas….etc, thanks again great video and good catch

bloodknot101 says:

we fish bait and artificial lures – spoons are less effective when few fish arre around but I throw them anyway. chunk bait is effective no matter how few fish are around. thx 4 watching.

Tamer Fahmy says:

hey guys nice blues…what do you use for bait (cut bait or spoons) thanks

bloodknot101 says:

bloodknot101 is about me learning – thx 4 watching

phartattack says:

Theres nothing instructional about this vid, looks like random luck. “101” means lessons

TexasAngler1 says:

Nice video! , I have subscribed subscribe back? 🙂


bloodknot101 says:

we must have a license to fish any kind of water in delaware – no exceptions. Indian River is the most famous fishing spot in Delaware. It is a tidal river and is saltwater. Instead of the usual estuary where it meets the ocean it simply meets the ocean with sand beachs on both sides. When we fish those beaches we refer to them generally as IR. More and bigger fish are caught inside the inlet in the river part of it but it is usually too crowded and rocks snag lures. tnx 4 watching.

littdna317 says:

You guys were not really at a river, right? Was this salt-water fishing that you guys were doing? Rivers don’t have big waves like this. I don’t know why is surf fishing right on the shore not so popular over here in California? What we do over here is we cast our poles right off the pier into the surf line. Maybe’s it’s because we don’t need a license for any pier fishing, so it’s easier. Unlike in some states that require license for any fishing activity.

bloodknot101 says:

hey thx 4 watching and commenting 🙂 neither bill, ed nor i would call ourselves pros but we do enjoy fishing. if anyone in the video is a pro it is Bill Martin – truly expert surf fisherman. We do keep an occasional fish but it is rare – we are more inclined to preserve species which need all the help they can get these days!

littdna317 says:

You guys are pros at fishing, but my question is what is the point of fishing if you are not going to keep the fish that you caught? You guys were just throwing them back after you caught them.

bloodknot101 says:

for bait Bill uses 10’ St Croix casting rods and AbuGarcia Mag Elite reels. I use 10′ Diawa Emcast with Mag Elite reel. For lures we use spin tackle. We have not caught any big blues so far this year – surf fishing in Delaware has been terrible. Thanx 4 watching.

XRS975 says:

What Rod and Reels do you guys here use? Just wana get an idea of what’s good bang for the buck.

bloodknot101 says:

if you want a chance to catch the big blues you should consider NJ or NY beaches. over past years delaware beaches have seldom seen the big blues – what is shown in this video happened only once over past 5 years in delaware

mrderrick007 says:

Hi, can someone tell me where are you guys fishing in which State which beach Please

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