Speckled Trout, Redfish, & Tripletail -Texas Fishing

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Video Action packed clips from speckled-trout/specks, triple-tail surf fishing trips and wading for red drum/red-fish!


Eddiie956 says:

lol matagorda = KILLFAT or kill fat lady

ijustwatchedit says:

This depends on where you live. I live in Houston and have been doing well on the surf.

Nejra says:

can anyone tell me where does upper meresy rainbow fishery start?i am going into lees paddocks for a school trip and wondered if i can fishifs website says above two white posts above rowallan but how far above?

TheBestTexasFishin says:

Did you use a boat to get out there, or is that strictly drive to and wade out, im lookin to go to a spot along the gulf i can wade into some bay waters and hook into some good fish, any info would be nice.

DRG8A says:

u would not go in the water with a croc or alligator in it shit we will become bait

TheBozanna says:

ja ż mojem Czeszem ot żafsze szórfowalyszmy po oczkó wodnem we Żbrowje

wheelwatcher420 says:

nice day fishing ..  but real trout fisherman catch the mule trout during the winter lol .. just kidding but i hey the bigger trout are caught arouind the winter here in mississippi and an of course the night fishing under the lights is superb for the gator trout specially during the winter good luck my fellow trout friend good luck this season ..

nelly03g says:

what the heck! was that an alligator at the end?

tymelgav says:

nice tripple tail… check out my fishing vids…

drufuss says:

love that east Matty fishing!!

flyfish1995 says:

why is this listed under fly fishing?

ktomek06 says:

Matagorda, Texas

butlerKNOWSall says:

where at?

codyct69 says:

thats cool me and my dad cleand trout on that same table at tha begging

txink890 says:

nice drums!

texasflats says:

Nice video Captain.

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