Spearfishing Ulua on Oahu, Hawaii

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53 lbs., not my personal best but definitely the toughest fight ever!



English plz

972tz says:

magnifique hervé martinique 972tz

MrTheEvilgerman says:

Why you kill all these beautiful fishes? 

David Lamb says:

what a magnificent fish! i didn’t even know GT’s came in a black colour

David Lamb says:

whats going on with your grammar mate?

leMEshoU says:

i can only speak for myslef. for me, i only take what i eat. i do believe it is a little bit of both tho. i love to be out in the water, taking in everthing it has to offer including the beauty and danger. is it because i love the hunt? maybe. do i get a rush when i get an awsome fish? yes. but i get even more from the look on my families face when i cook them something that i caught fresh. so i guess both. a primal urge and the ability to catch only what i want to eat. aloha

joerock040 says:

yeah… but i dont understand the reason to kill fishes … do you need to eat them? or only to feel you a killer of sea like a marine samurai ?

leMEshoU says:

and yet we still take that chance. i guess the saying is right, “you live by the sword, you die by the sword”.

MrPonolicious says:

@Jeremiah Garcia It’s a trevally

joerock040 says:

who kill in that way… will die in that way ! 

KauaiSkinDiver808 says:

ULUA!!!!……. dat ulua was one fighta! good thing one shark wasn’t close by, guarantee da ulua would of got eaton!

Melvin Meier says:

thats good

Jeremiah Garcia says:

ulua, is that like a grouper?

threeblackburn says:

IN THE FACE!!!!!!!

Tyler Wallace says:

These are sick videos.

LoLumadbro911 says:

im trying to get into spearfishing and im 14 but i live on oahu, and do u have any recommendations for spots? and any tips for me? and also do u think i should get a reel on my speargun i have a 100cm hammerhead evolution speargun.

ledgen mcnamara says:

what fishing spot did you go to

crimedog78 says:

I hope a tree falls in the woods when you’re in it while you’re picking berries or what ever you vegy faggots do and crushes your deprived protein face in.

Toxicpot76 says:

yeah because their a bunch of fucking pikeys and want to eat rabbit food. people like you and them are fucked. if you dont want to eat animals then shut it. go and live in the bush and grow lettuce. if you dont like what your seeing on youtube why are you here? you are crying because you can see a dead fish moving. fish will continue to move its their nerve system. once again if your crying about this go an fuck off.

anyone173 says:

Wrong again, not everyone eats animals, ever heard of vegetarians ? u knob rot.

Toxicpot76 says:

you are such a pussy and a fag. grow the fuck up everyone eats animals. your just one of those dickheads that thinks we can live off rabbit food. go and get fucked

anyone173 says:

Oh ye now i get it , you and the fish have something in common , ” you are both dumb “

Lisa Marie says:

Does this guy have camo diving gear?

Toxicpot76 says:

ahaha if that happened its called the food chain dickhead. and tbf fish are so dumb they dont even know whats going on. its not like killing a human. people like you need to just kill themselvs.

anyone173 says:

Yes i know they do ive seen it , makes them just as cruel as you. you should live under a sea rock and have a slow death off an electric eel, or octopus.

Toxicpot76 says:

lol have you been living under a rock? you realise most asain countries eat their seafood while still alive.

xdustinpattonx says:

i always put a knife right thru the top of the head when i get the fish in hand to kill it so it doesnt suffer and flop around half dead. its much safer too. your fish was pretty much dead when you got to him so it prob wasnt too big of a deal but personaly i would’ve still put him out just to make sure he was dead. noone wants to make an animal suffer more than it has too. its about keeping good ora with nature and respecting nature. you are receiving so always try to give back. great video

BIGshockataw says:

Dude, quit being some sensitive pussy, this is how people get food for their families. It’s also healthier eating fresh fish than that packaged shit. Grow a pair and try the sport before you bash on it.

anyone173 says:

If that’s your sport ..stop prelonging thier death like you do in your other videos it’s so cruel.

itachiDeathnote says:

hahaha… ”pulled out” 😀

trung nguyen says:

you really smart for not fighting the fish and letting it ride for a wile and not pulling out the spear brother

luca dessi says:

itta cazzu de pisci esti???

makodean1 says:

Subscribed! Thanks for the great videos 🙂

Pro11yso says:

Well played! I didn’t think it was that big until you went down for it. Looks like fun!

bugaljuice says:

what fish is it?

Kanoa Somera says:


ililililililil ilililillilili says:

You fuckin professional, caught a damn ulua wow

Prince Leslie says:


Carl Näslund says:

Great videos bro! The video of the 13 ft tiger shark sneaking up on you seriously made me JUMP! Nice trevally here aswell, keep em coming 🙂

blankaball808 says:

That’s right, Hawaiian. Main thing, be safe.

bitchassmothafuckah says:

Oh sorry ah pro! So where can we see you videos?

Madmardigan421 says:

Thats good eatin fish yea?

808divebomber says:

I caught an 88.5 lbs. ulua, but it wasn’t as exciting coz I stoned it. The hardest part of that dive was swimming against a current back to shore w/88lbs. of dead weight!

Madmardigan421 says:

Sick videos bro!


what is your best personal best

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