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Saw Fish caught on Fort Myers Beach, FL 7-4-10 by Dave Waltman (assisted by Zilla) ………. Dave hauled ass to his fishing pole that was on shore and his line was heading out to sea…not far from shore he ended up running out of line…Zilla brought the kayak out to Dave and away he went reeling in this fish….the kayak tipped over…Dave still hanging on to his pole and reeling in the fish in 9-10 feet of water…having to take breaks and go down to the bottom to give his arms a rest and back up to the top to fight this fish…all you see is the top of his head and the fishing pole bent…his brother Rob swam out to help…a jet ski towed them back in…Dave still reeling in the fish…45 minutes has passed and finally they are back to shore and then Zilla took over for Dave (he was exhausted) and finished reeling in the CATCH OF THE DAY!!!!


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