Puppy Drum Fishing – OBX, NC

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Originally Published on Dec 22, 2013

I decided to spend my Birthday hunting down some Puppy Drum on light tackle in the surf. I checked out a few spots, but nothing was looking too promising, until I made it out to Cape Point. Once there, I decided to make a few casts and was hooked up in no time. Caught a couple, then went home to grab my wife and son, and my GoPro so I could document the afternoon.

They were so dang Thick, it was ridiculous. Multiple double headers between my cousin, friends, and I; as well as a few triple headers, and one time 5 of us were bowed up at once! It was the most fun afternoon beach fishing I’ve ever had. My cousin and I stayed until it was pitch black, along with some friends and other fellow anglers, just pulling pups in left and right. A few times, you couldn’t even get the slack out of your line, after casting, before you were hooked up!

Glad I had decided to go get my GoPro, because it was an afternoon to remember. And the sunset to cap off my birthday, fishing with my friends and family, was just icing on the cake.

I’m using a Diawa 2500 reel, 6’6″ Shimano rod, and 8lb mono… Makes fighting some 21”-24” Red Drum really fun.

[Admin: What a beautiful day at Buxton, NC!]


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