Originally Published on Jul 9, 2014 Hanapa’a off a catamaran kayak. [Admin: Notice that at one point he has 3 hook-ups!  Obviously, he can only handle one at a time, but it looked like he still had a second one on the line when he lands the first one.  Pretty cool!]
Originally Published on Jan 11, 2014 A 26″ Corbina Surprise caught while Surf Fishing in Carlsbad! [Admin:  Nice fish! But, PLEASE, if you’re going to do a C & R, do NOT put your fingers into the fish’s gills!]
Originally Published on May 2, 2014 I caught a nice 20″ California Corbina while surf fishing. They fight so hard!
Originally Published on May 21, 2014 Kayak fishing for Blue fish
Originally Published on Dec 21, 2013 Did some fishing on December 23, 2013 and found a big school of bluefish really close to the shore. In the video the dark blue water is the school. Probably thousands of fish in that one spot. We caught around 30 bluefish before calling it quits. It was an awesome day of fishing. [Admin: Not sure how you can catch fish on video two days after you post the video, but…]
Originally Published on Apr 13, 2013 How to clean a spinning reel after saltwater use. Capt. Chris Myers shows how to clean and maintain your fishing reels. This method will clean and protect your reel and make it last for years despite the corrosive action of saltwater. http://www.floridafishinglessons.com Light tackle and fly fishing charters near Orlando
Originally Published on Jan 27, 2013 A monster day while fishing an early January 2013 day in West Galveston Bay from the seat of my Hobie Outback.
Originally Published on Dec 18, 2013 Speckled Trout fishing at the Brownsville Boat ramp with DOA lures, including a 30″ fat gator trout. 12-17-2013 Music: Eric Church: The outsiders, ZZ Top: La Grange Filmed and photographed with a Gopro Hero+ Silver Edition.
Originally Published on Jun 13, 2013 On this day I catch this “MONSTER STRIPER” on the Beach using a LIGHT TACKLE ROD while SURF FISHING / BEACH FISHING.  This was just another one of my awesome fishing adventures.  The fishing rod that I was using is a Champion Series DOBYNS 765 SF and the lure that I was using was a Daiwa S.P. Minnow.  And “yes” this video was shot using my GoPro HD
Originally Published on May 23, 2013 I demonstrate the Reverse Albright Knot, Jam Knot, Pr Knot and Double Uni-knot.
Originally Uploaded on Feb 20, 2011 Wade Fishing January 2011– Corky Fatboys and Broken Backs All big trout and reds were released to fight another day!!
Originally Published on Sep 17, 2012 Caught this 22.25 inch Halibut on a soft bait that I have so much success with. Used a brand new Penn salt water reel, sweet reel if I say so myself. Smooth and very balanced reel.