Originally Uploaded on May 18, 2011 Capt. Rod giving tips on beach fish Florida’s east coast. film, edited, and sound by Pure Ocean Productions
Originally Published on Feb 17, 2014 We were fishing Huntington Beach State Park, NC in May when something picked up Chris’ bait. The fish was de-hooked and released unharmed. Tackle used was a Penn Senator 6/0, Penn Mariner 20-50 standup rod, 50 lb bullbuster mono mainline with 100 yards of 80 lb topshot, 12 feet of weed eater line, 250 lb steel cable leader and a 16/0 Mustad circle hook. The weight was made my Chris
Originally Published on Apr 19, 2014 2014 Opening day Striped Bass surf fishing at Sandy Point Sate Park, MD
Originally Published on Apr 25, 2014 Fishing the Atlantic Ocean south of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL.  Remote, natural setting is perfect for getting away from it all and catching lots of northerly migrating fish species.
Originally Published on Apr 14, 2014 Nice bull red caught on a Penn 555 and 12ft Ocean Master surf rod. Coastal Georgia surf fishing at its finest. I do not own or have any rights to this song. Music: Grouplove: Lovely Cup
Originally Published on May 3, 2014 Kayak fishing for bluefish with live bunker out of Sea Girt, NJ. This was the very first bluefish I ever caught and it was from my kayak. I wasn’t prepared at all. All I had with me was my trout net. I couldn’t even fit half his body in the net so I had to scoop him into the boat with it. Then, there was no room for him. So he and his mouth of teeth laid there right between my two legs.
Originally Uploaded on Aug 31, 2010 A long time ago we made a video on how to spool a spinning reel to prevent line twist: however it was at low quality, and was hard to see the line. So we’ve redone it (due to massive popular demand). So now you can learn how to spool a spinning reel to prevent line twist in HD and with a visible fishing line. Here at Thundermist Lure Company, we’ve been asked several times “How do I spool line onto my reel properly?”, and “How can I avoid fishing line twist”. So we’ve put together [More]
Originally Published on Nov 19, 2013 Catching Striped Bass Nov 6, 2013
Originally Published on Nov 9, 2013 We were surf fishing for Blackfish at AnglerMan’s secret location and it turned out pretty well. Day 1 had a few small Stripers and 1 keeper Blackfish. Day 2 had a few small Stripers and 4 keeper Blackfish. Overall, a great trip!
Originally Published on Apr 27, 2014 Delaware estuary action
Originally Published on Jan 24, 2014 My first attempt fishing for surf perch on a January morning. I ended the morning with 10 caught and 7 went to the dinner table. I used my steelhead gear with a 1-oz dropper and Berkley Gulp Sandworms.