NJ Bluefish Invasion – May 2015

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Originally Published on May 3, 2015

Not a single snapper or cocktail blues here, we’re talking big bruisers! Clip is just a sample of what kind of day we had. Dozens upon dozens.

One of the most memorable spring bluefish invasion NJ has seen in decades. They were in thick, anyone lucky enough to fish the region were rewarded with Chopper Blues 10 lbs – near 20 lbs. The day of this video- not a single blue under 10 lbs was seen or landed. Hopefully my fishing friends in NY will soon experience the invasion as well.
My setup was a Daiwa Ballistic 2500 SH on a 7’6″ Med St Croix Tidemaster with 20# Power Pro Slick8, tactical anglers clip and many types of popper plugs….which many were sacrificed. It was a real pleasure to share a tide with the numerous pluggers which I met whilst fishing there.
Couple taken for shark bait, most released.

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