Mixed Bag Surf Fishing Daytona Beach – 2010

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A little surf fishing in daytona beach while on vacation 2010.  Caught some bluefish, whiting/kingfish, ladtfish, guitar fish and a pompano.  Hooked onto some larger fish too, but got broke off with the 12 lb test line.  Was hoping for a shark or 2 seeing how Daytona Beach area is the shark bite capital of the world – felt fish bumping my leg often while wading chest deep in the water.  Caught some blue crabs that would hang onto the shrimp till ya reeled them in.  Used shrimp and whole mullet/baitfish for bait on pompano rigs and wire bluefish rigs, 2-3 oz pyramid sinkers, 12 lb stren and 8.5 ugly stick rods.  Saw plenty of dolphin cruising just beyond the surf, but no sharks.  5/20/2010

back ground music by kevin mcleod at incompetech . com
beach bum & surf inspector by kevin mcleod www.incompetech.com


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