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Light tackle in the surf for striped bass using a Dobyns DX783 SF rod.  Videos were shot with a GoPro HD Hero Helmet Camera.  An “AWESOME” day of fishing…


SharkManHD says:

Well it depends on so many things,,,I only use lures when I’m surf fishing,,not bait,,,”but” you can use bait to if you want,,The best thing to do is find out what type of fish are in the area that you’ll be fishing then you should go to your local tackle shop and see how they do it in your area,,,Nor-Cal and So-Cal have a lot of different kinds fish on the surf and some the same,,I will say that So-Cal has some great fishing so I hope you do good,,,Just have fun cuz that’s what it’s all about!

justdgafit says:

hey man nice video. I am from southern california and relatively new to fishing. My buddies found this spot down here that allows camping, surfing, and surf fishing so it’s perfect, but I have no idea what surf fishing is. Do you need a special pole? What kind of bait? A special type of hook? Anything of your knowledge is gladly appreciated! Thanks you in advance man

SharkManHD says:

I wasn’t using bait,,,I was using bucktail jigs with 6 inch curl tails in this video!

floridafishing1219 says:

wat bait?

SharkManHD says:

Right on bro,,,,I remember you!!!,,,,”Best of luck on your fishing adventures”…

dbird209 says:

Hey met you in Pacifica just wanted to say whats sup . Ps the kid talking to you when you caught your striped

SharkManHD says:

A little faster then average! 

pyxiefrog124 says:

how do you retrieve it?


where is this?

SharkManHD says:

It’s a 5/8 Bucktail Jig with a 6 inch curl tail.

pyxiefrog124 says:

What lure is at 1:09?

bigwhitee says:


SharkManHD says:

“Right on bro”,,,thanks!!!,,,And the rod that I was using in this video is a Dobyns DX783 SF rod and the rod is 7ft 8in,,,,I love this rod it rocks!!!

TheGermanshepherd101 says:

Waz uppp, nice vid, nice rod, and nice fish. How long is that rod??? 7?? 8 ft?

65elco1 says:

i know tried yesterday but the waves were to big at sharp park,im gonna try linda mar tommorow or thursday

SharkManHD says:

No the fish are still there “but” it’s much harder for the fish to see the lures in rough waters and your lures might not swim correctly and also it could be to dangerous for you to fish big waves.

65elco1 says:

hey sharkman do the size of the waves matter for them to bite.

SharkManHD says:

“Yea” I sometimes fish Baker & China beach when the fish are there!

dddanyoynabbb says:

nice fishes! what beaches do you fish? baker? china?

PIxelMikee says:


SharkManHD says:

Thanks Bro!

stelo415 says:


a17dyjai says:

Where’s that spot? Maybe i’ll head there this week!

SharkManHD says:

Thanks a bunch!!!

fishn2gthr4ever says:

You are always rock’n my brother!

neonbluen851 says:


SharkManHD says:

Yea you guys on the East Coast are “lucky” to have so many big stripers,,,,The biggest one that I ever caught was only 38 lbs.,,,,,I look forward to catching a 50 pounder one day!!!

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