Kayak Fishing – Pompano Beach, FL

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Originally Published on Nov 11, 2014

After letting the bad weather past, and wait for calm seas finally on Saturday, November 8 me and couple friends decided to go out to a new adventure.
We stopped by the bait store around 5am and by 6:15am we were already on the water.  Five minute after I put my first bait on the water boom!!!  Got hit, drag start screaming, Wahoo on the deck….
an hour later, in 260 ft, I put a pilchard out, got hit again…Mahi!!
Another hour past by and I decided to do some jigging.  First cast…Kingfish on!
Things started getting slow and I decided to troll live bait… in 90 ft I heard my tld 20 screaming zzzzzzz, then I see this beautiful Mahi jumping out of the water. What an adventure, definitely a day to remember…


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