Kayak Fishing Off Navarre, FL: King Mackerel

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Trolling and catching a smoker King Mackerel off the beach in Navarre Florida.  Apr 20. 2012


TheGhostfacekilla86 says:

Just went to the no motor zone in the Banana river with a Hobie and slayed the reds! That kayak is so clutch!

johnnysupercobra says:

Thanks! The peddle kayaks are sold by Hobie, I love them for fishing.

tantalumdom says:

Great video to watch.

Have always dreamed of catching a big mackeral like that.ours never grow bigger than 3lbs.
love the idea of fishing from a pedelo canoe,can you buy them easily?

Love to watch all your films my friend

blueshoes2208 says:

thats so unfair… i dont know how far i would have to go out here in galveston to find kings. Never seen them within 1/4 of a mile thats for sure

johnnysupercobra says:

only about a 1/4 mile out

hawx3fighterjet says:

how many miles did you drift out?

harleygrip says:

Excellent! What was the real elapsed time before you boated that crusher? I have to get out there and hook up a king.

tommy voravong says:

thats fuckin’ awesome dude! nice king and nice legs sexy woohoo!!

thekayakfishin101 says:

click on my profile to see great tips on fishing

kaz196974 says:

Hobby kayak はかなり深い水深から降りないと無理なんやな

frank5102 says:

Nice King And Really Nicely Done Video. Tight Lines & Peace Out!

woodbuster1 says:

johnny check this video type nitro express 700 , watch the Arabs can ‘ t shoot + one European who shows. this is a good 1, ill be out weather permiting sat and sun , i fish by the second water tower are will be sat ill watch out 4 u

johnnysupercobra says:

not really. my friend got a small king. beautiful day but slow.

woodbuster1 says:

im am now ,,, mark57..

was out till 11 had to go , sorry i missed u . had two small spanish mac hit then nada, you have any luck

johnnysupercobra says:

nice. are you on pensacolafishingforum? If so look me up (jasonh1903), we should fish sometime.

woodbuster1 says:

I’m watching the waves coming in now, lot better than this morning

johnnysupercobra says:

should be. I’ll be out there around noon. 

woodbuster1 says:

Hope weather is good Sunday, I’m ready to hit the water

woodbuster1 says:

weather looks good for the week end, winds 5mph  , surf lite chop for sat getting better on sun. bring some ice for the fish

woodbuster1 says:

about 1 mile west ot the navarre peir out 1 to 1 1/2 miles , fish are hitting good
water temp was 85. ill be out sat and sun

johnnysupercobra says:

where at? Navarre? I saw some videos on the forum of guys killing it this weekend. I’ll be out next week if the weather is good. Looks like there’s some blue water in close right now

woodbuster1 says:

sorry that was a mahi mahi

woodbuster1 says:

cobra, i hit the surf the 4th , hooked a nice king , had it almost in the yack but didnt have my gaff… was going for the tail when he flipped the jig loose . it was a good fight…
landed a nice 5lb mai mai on sunday that was some fine eating…. ill be out next weekend gaff in hang lol

Tim Antoine says:

why did you choose the outback? did you consider the Pa or the revolution 13

david sanders says:

I live in Virginia Beach and hope to get one from my yak this year. nice catch and tight lines

johnnysupercobra says:

Thanks. Keep at it, you’ll catch one. When the water hits the mid 70’s in the spring and fall are the best times.

woodbuster1 says:

i fish about 2 miles west of the peir no king yet .. if the weasther is good ill be fishing .
maybe ill see you busting a king , nice catch

johnnysupercobra says:

it was caught on a frozen cigar minnow.

wipe23 says:

Do you use live bait?

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