Fishing for Papio (Jack Trevally) Off the Reef

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Fishing Oahu’s South Shore on a beautiful Aloha Friday afternoon.

[Papio (aka Jack Crevalle) is a popular fish to catch in Hawaii, and while many consider them to be “pests” on the mainland, is a targeted game fish.  I would rank it in the top 2 with o’io (aka bonefish) for shore fishing.  Of course, the coveted prize for the shore fisherman is the “ulua”, which is a papio/trevally of more than 10 lbs.  Other videos will focus on night fishing for Giant Trevally (GT’s) that run 50-120 lbs or more.]

Credit: The Green – Travlah (Ways & Means)


Mike says:

Aloha,Thanks so much for posting this video. I ve watched it so many times and love it !! Could you tell me where exactly in Waikiki that this video was taken ? I hope to be in Waikiki in about two years ago and would like to try that exact spot(just waiting for my three year old son to grow )….looks awesome.

Admin says:

From the looks of the area, my guess would be that this is off of the old airport road. The other possibility is its off Hickam AFB, which if that is the case, would be off limits to civilians. You will also find a healthy population of o’io/bonefish in the area, as well. Thanks for your interest and I hope this helps. I would also appreciate it if you would “Like” my Facebook page. Mahalo!

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