Family Surf Fishing Spring 2012

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Family catching whiting and kayak out bait to deeper water, end the day with a nice redfish!  A nice way to end a  family fishing adventure in Galveston, TX


Sideler74 says:

@ 3:55 isn’t that a Yellow Croaker?

colin oglesby says:

dood stfu

boonlorify says:

Great sharing/teaching the sport of fishing to your kid! Keep up the sport of fishing!

lovelyday002 says:

In this electronic world were some kids don’t even see daylight, its good to see kids having a great time in the real world, nice one Dad.

trocki80 says:

Perfect dad. When i was this old as ur son, my r.i.p father just drinked alko and beat the shit outta me… Nice to see vids like Urs, the young guy must be a happy little felow to have a dad like U 🙂

t3mper says:

looks like you guys are having a fun time with the family i enjoyed watching this.

lewandlo says:

whats this chicks record for consecutive questions?? hehe

Element75100 says:

I fingered myself.

zabuzathemonitor says:

This is a fantastic video.
Thank you so much for releasing the catches, I wish more anglers were more like you and your family. I wish nothing but great things for you and your loved ones.

oranse says:

Great video. Love seeing the young anglers getting fish!

Gruovy says:

tu hijo acabara o en la droga o obeso,lo siento

chincha805 says:

That looked liked a crowchicken. In the background.

Tony Dandalero says:

kids might be annoying sometimes.loud and inconsiderate.BUT,they are just children and it is our job to teach them how to deal with life issues. I just hope you dont have kids and from your name,you probably shouldnt have any.I tought my older son fishing and the little one (4) is learning it and it is a great feeling.and K Stevens,you seem like a great dad and you have a great family

dkfrisbie says:

awesome red fish, that is great he wants to be a marine biologist, I also would like to be a marine biologist, i love working with marine life, but sadly i dont live close to the ocean,but when we do go to the coast we always go charter fishing and i am starting to surf fish, it is a blast! keep it up and have fun.

lonbites says:

Wow you’re a great dad, without a doubt! I have a question, how do you get to this spot that your fishing at? i’d like to try there.

lachlan devlin says:

Can u catch these whitting or gulf kingfish in Australia

Mr00destruct0 says:

Bikes, trucks, dogs on the beach. Texan’s clearly no how to live and let live.
I hope you guys have many many great family days on the beach complete with the happy dance.

notyouraveragejake says:

wow that is one big shark chasing your red fish @ 10:19 atleast 200lbs

zeldge says:

what an awsome little lad lol

StuckonLand says:

Great video! What rig were you using for the redfish at the end? Also was it a whole mullet or how big of a piece was it?

SantafeTrumpetMan says:

to the casual bird in the background at 1:00

txboundbitch says:

OMG this little kid is getting on my nerves!!!

cessna1er says:

Could I ask what kind of bait did you use


Great video… Love it!!
Feel like going fishing with my family.

Modzar Yunus says:

u r a one outstanding DAD! i will be like u one day>> bless u from malaysia…

ThePlofadi says:

damn I wish I was your son 🙁 Even though I have caught alot of fish

mrmmjalldayreborn says:

my dream is also to become a marine biologist good luck buddy. and study hard. lol

TheGermanshepherd101 says:

Kids have fun

MrRonGilman says:

You seem like an awesome dad man. God Bless

K Stevens says:

Thanks for the kind words.

realitywakeupslap says:


God bless you and your loved ones:

slipperyhole99 says:

is whiting like kroaker?

K Stevens says:

150 lb mono with a 16/0 circle hook and spider weight. The reel is loaded with 30 lb mono

ThatBoyHysteria says:

What rig were you using on your big rod when you were yanking out to cast?

K Stevens says:

I believe we were using mullet that day but we often use whiting too.

Zman69Q says:

What did you catch that redfish on at the end?

tmtmtmtm2002 says:

the scene you make your kid speak, that makes me smile. nice family activities. Thanks for nice video!!

atrainfbgm says:

nice reel
i go two of the 320gts i love them i need to go this year again

K Stevens says:

I fish the pocket beaches towards the West end. This time it was BA16. They are all free.

chabeloimperial says:

where excatly in Galveston is this located?

K Stevens says:

You can but we mainly catch and release.

7ulianable says:

cant you eat it? the redfish i mean

InfinityFishingTeam says:

Nice redfish.

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