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On this video I was fishing on the beach and I filmed one of my friends catching a nice striped bass and I also caught several striped bass on this day and I released my second striper so that I can continue fishing!!!  I used several different lures this day and every lure that I put on seemed to work great…just “another” AWESOME DAY of FISHING!!!  Tight Line Always” from SharkManHD Filmed with my GoPro HD Helmet Camera and I was using my Dobyns DX 783 SF Rod with a Shimano Stradic STCI4 3000F Reel.


SharkManHD says:

I like high tide the best but I’ve also caught fish when it’s was low tide.

isuckpussyeveryday says:

is it better to fish for stripers in low tide or high tide? nd are u at linda mar beach

SharkManHD says:

The rod that I was using in this video is a Dobyns DX 783 SF Rod,,,,And it’s 7ft 8in long,,,,It’s an awesome rod!

killagarcia392 says:

how tall is your rod

RangerofRedmont says:

Lol you said off the hook and its a fishing video.

SharkManHD says:


ililillilillilil says:

Nice intro.

SharkManHD says:

“Right on bro”,,,,Will do!!!


Im feelin the spots u be fishing!! Ive had success at these locations. Keep it up!!!

SharkManHD says:

Thanks a lot bro!!!

S2N510 says:

ur videos are off the hook man, where in the bay is this at

baystunna64 says:

what beach is this would like to go there

SharkManHD says:

Sorry bro,,,,I’ve never fished that area nor do I know where it is?,,,,”best of luck when you go”,,,,,Tight Lines Always!!!

SkooledINC says:

hey sharman have you ever been up north to a place called the sea ranch? It’s near Gualala and Salt Point if that helps. Just wondering because I’ll be fishing there soon and wanted to know if you had any tips.

Fishemanlegit says:

what beach is this

SharkManHD says:

“Haahaa”,,,,Right on my brother!!!!,,,,Peace!!!

killagarcia392 says:

i love it when you say PEACE!!!!

SharkManHD says:

Hey there,,,,You let me know what specific questions that you have and I’ll try to help!

xxhoneybucketxx says:

Hey shark man. Im 14 and live in pacifica. I think you live very close to me. Do you think you can give me some pointers? Or mabe we can go fishing together some time. Anyways im going fishing tomorrow at rockaway beach in pacifica.

SharkManHD says:

You should check Sports Authority & Big 5 & even Cabela’s,,,,One of those stores should have some at reasonable price!

LoverDino says:

hey man where do you get your wading boots? Ive been looking for some that arent too pricey, like just the plastic ones that can get into a couple feet of water. thanks!

SharkManHD says:

“haahaa”,,,Yea the reason here in California the size limit is only 18 inches is because there not a native fish to California,,,They were brought here in trains from the East Coast in the 1840’s

sinsispawn says:

the legal size is 28 inches in MA!!!!! I have caught plenty of fish between 22 and 27 inches, I let all of them go! It was painful for me :)))

SharkManHD says:

“Yes”,,,,They have to be 18 inches in the bay and ocean in California.

AznKiddSam123 says:

Does it have to be 18 inches to keep in the bay area?

SharkManHD says:

Thank you!

ConsummateSportsman says:

Love your intro. How’d you make it?

SharkManHD says:

Thanks!!!,,,,On this day “every lure” that I used worked!!!,,,,I used a SP Minnow and a Bucktail Jig and a Kastmaster,,,,It’s was a great day!!!

SharkManHD says:

Right on bro!!!,,,,,”Many thanks for your kind words”,,,,Tight Lines Always,,,,Peace!!!

SharkManHD says:

It’s like that a lot when the fish bite is hot!!!

JnTer says:

Where is this located at Sharkman? Saw a few video of the same spot.

My dad and I been hitting random spots after work for a few hours and 12 hours last Monday. Not a single bit.

SharkManHD says:

Right on bro!!!,,,,And “yes” your uncle Ross is a “very nice person” and I like fishing with him!!!,,,,He also gave a lot of fish sore lips that day,,,,,”haahaa”,,,,,Tight Lines Always…

SharkManHD says:

I think it also about being at the right place at the right time my brother!!!,,,,,Also another great lure to try on the surf is the Daiwa SP Minnow,,,,”I slammed them with this lure”,,,,,Best of luck on your next fishing adventure!!!

SharkManHD says:

Thanks a lot bro & I truly hope you catch your limit but the most important thing is that I hope that you have FUN!!!,,,,”tight lines always” from SharkManHD

SharkManHD says:

Thanks my brother!!!,,,,”See you on the water soon”,,,,Tight Lines Always from SharkManHD

stelo415 says:


usacyrano says:

As always, very inspirational. I’m taking a day off work tomorrow to go fishing in either Santa Cruz or Half Moon Bay. Hope I have half the good day you ususally have. Peace!

mtednby21 says:

how do you always catch stripers i cant seem to catch em with good bait and 3 poles and my freinds come with me they hav 2 poles each(2 freinds). i used the best bait for my area, now ima try swimbaits, poppers and new eel bucktails, hav other suggestions

YouEvil says:

Look it’s my uncle Ross fishing with the infamous Sharkman!!! Nice. Give them fish sore lips!!!

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