Double Rigs for Speckled Trout

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Tying a double rig is easy.  Follow this guide to double your chances of putting speckled trout in the cooler.

 [Admin:  I use a double jig rig all the time.  Sometimes, I will use a 1/4 oz jig head in the front and a 3/8 oz jig head as a trailer.  Sometimes, I will tie on plain jig heads, like he’s doing in this video, and sometimes I will use jigs with bucktails.  Works great!  Occasionally, I’ll even get a double hook up.]


Matt Carter says:

I love double rigs. One of my most effective ones is using a topwater (Or a large hard bodied swimbait… I always use the Spro BBZ-1 due to its affordability and actually effectiveness in saltwater here in FL on the west coast.) on the long end, and a fly on the short end (Often a clouser, or deceiver. Something simple. It can be as simple as just a few feathers on a hook.)

But I tie mine differently. I prefer a bit stronger knot system, like a perfection loop on the top. (Or I would often use a line to line knot on my main line and add a separate piece of line to branch out further with the upper bait so that it extends the top lure further away from the main leader and thus prevent tangling.

But this is a great video. Very simple, and still very efficient for a species like trout.

Admin says:

admin: Like you, I recently discovered clousers and have started adding one to my double rigs, as well. Thanks for commenting and sharing your info.

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