Dave Catches a Corbina in Southern California

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Originally Uploaded July 20, 2010

The last 40 seconds or so of a roughly 5 minute fight with my favorite fish; the corbina. This is the biggest corbina I have caught so far, 20 inches, 2 pounds 11 ounces. Corbina are one of the toughest fishes to catch in the Southern California surf zone but they are worth all the effort!


Fatcookie1987 says:

What size/ shape hooks on the sand crabs?

cowtamer7 says:

I use black size 6 or size 8 octopus hooks. I hook them straight down through their back by their rear end. As much as corbina WILL NOT bite if you use thicker line (above 4lb test) in my experience they don’t seem to care much if the hook is exposed outside the crab.

mmmmmarcus says:

That’s not true. Corbina will hit much thicker test. However you are correct in that lighter line makes fish less wary.

I generally stick to 6-lb myself.

LandAndSeaKahuna says:

What lure did you use

cowtamer7 says:

I didn’t use a lure. I was using a sand crab on a carolina rig; 4lb test leader.

Gabriel Vicente-Perez says:

sand crab is the best bait for corbinas and perch nice fish man

GolfishCracker says:

thought it was illegal to fish at la jolla shores…

fishingman21 says:

what beach was that at

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