Corbina Fishing with a weird ending – Carlsbad, CA 2012

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Originally Published on Aug 14, 2012

Tough fishing, missed a couple….. Nailed a small one. Super annoying tourist hassles me at the end. I didn’t get the whole incident, but pretty funny!!! I hope she finds this video and realizes how foolish she looks. I was there fishing FIRST, but she felt I was an inconvenience because she couldn’t watch her kids from the patio of her expensive beach rental….. ‘Zonie season in Carlsbad, CA….. Gotta love it!!!


Xavier Renegade Angel says:

What type of pole do you use I use a 7″ shimano is that good enough for the surf?

stealthyhunter1022 says:

haha such a cool video

bill berry says:

where you in downtoun cbad or next to ponto

taylor smith says:

Hey craig that looks like so much always in the downtown area,im always looking for someone to fish. With.I like how she asked for your license!hahaha

mikedeezy76 says:

C’bad was nice this past weekend. Just because you rent a beach house doesn’t mean you own our beaches.

sse1204 says:

Very nice work on the corbina, too bad they’re trolls roaming the beaches now a days.

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