Originally Uploaded on Aug 2, 2010 Napali coast of Kauai Hawaii. Got action on the troll and whipping the many reefs and points with my 1/2 oz. rig. Mark White Lures [Watch how close to shore this ulua hits!]
On the tides pages there are calendars covering each month graphically and also by the standard text based tide chart by hitting the “Text View” tab at the top. You can view the tide chart data on the calendar view for a particular day just by hovering your mouse over that day. Use the map links next to your State for easier navigation to the tide stations you’re looking for. US Tides: Alabama: (LIST) (MAP) Alaska: (LIST) (MAP) California: (LIST) (MAP) Connecticut: (LIST) (MAP) Delaware: (LIST) (MAP) Florida: (LIST) (MAP) Georgia: (LIST) (MAP) Hawaii: (LIST) (MAP) Lousiana: (LIST) (MAP) Maine: [More]
Graduation Project (Piping Plover) Originally Published on Mar 4, 2013 Documentary about the consequences of beach closings on the Outer Banks of North Carolina due to the protection of the Piping Plover. [Admin: While I do believe in the conservation of plants and animals, sometimes our efforts to protect certain species have unintended and undesirable consequences that need to be weighed in the implementation of conservation rules and regulations.  Controversy has sportsmen and local businesses at odds with environmentalists and conservationists over how to handle beach closures.  I do not pretend to fully understand the full repercussions of recent ORV [More]
Press Release from NCDENR  (Emphasis added) Sept. 18, 2012 MOREHEAD CITY — Beginning Oct. 1, 2012 coastal recreational fishermen can lose their fishing licenses for violating fishing rules. Recreational fishermen will fall under the same license suspension, revocation and re-issuance schedule as commercial fishermen, and that schedule will change Oct. 1, as well. “Fishermen will face longer license suspensions for most violations,” said Louis Daniel, director of the N.C. Division of Marine Fisheries. “However, non-resource-related violations will no longer count against suspension or revocation of a license.” Twenty-four violations are considered non-resource violations, which include improperly marked buoys or failure [More]