Ulua fishing – Kauai, Hawaii 2012 GT Baitcasting from the beach.
More nice Ulua/Giant Trevally fishing off the beach on southern Kauai.   Sept 2011   [Admin: Nice to see some catch & release practiced.]
53 lbs., not my personal best but definitely the toughest fight ever!
Mike fighting and bagging his second Ulua! This is his first one for 2012! Congrats Mike! Keep on pounding! [Admin: He may be just a kid, but he has much better raise-and-reel-down form than most adults I’ve watched!  Most want to raise-drop-and reel-in-the-slack!]
Ulua (aka PaoPao in Filipino) caught on 8 lb test, I think that was truly amazing. Jaime, you are the man bro!  Good job.  
First Ulua caught September 24, 2008 6:30am on Kauai. Fight time 1hr 10min. Okuma 4/0 reel, and 40lb test line Roddy Hunter rod. Caught by LeeRoy Remigio. Thanks to my fishing partners Wesley Perreira N Adrian Bulosan. Video By Wesley N Gaff Man Adrian. i53.photobucket.com   [Admin: First Ulua and its a 100+ pounder!  Wow!  Sorry for the language, but Hawaiians seem to use lots of profanity when they get excited…you’ll either have to overlook it, turn your sound down, or fore-go the post-landing excitement.  Its also a shame that more catch and release of big ulua is not practiced, [More]
  124 lb Ulua (Giant Trevally) caught October 2010, using a IRW BI special, Shimano Trinidad TN 50 with 60.lb maxima. Shot with a Gopro HD head Camera [Admin:  Sorry for his language, but I can’t edit the sound out. You can turn your sound down if it offends you…its near the 7  min 30 sec mark and lasts for about 35 sec., but you can tell just how excited he is!  100 lb’ers are considered prime prize catches in Hawaii.]
Originally Uploaded on Jan 2, 2012 First time here at Bamboo Ridge. EPIC DAY!!!   Jan. 2, 2012 This is a nice tutorial on how-to set up your terminal rig for ulua fishing. [Admin: This is an exceptionally calm day at “Bamboo Ridge”, Makapuu Point, named for all the poles, which years ago, were often made of bamboo.]
Prolific Ulua tagger Keith Caldwell takes his brother Kirk Caldwell fishing on the Big Island of Hawaii along with their friends. Kirk Caldwell was Honolulu’s managing director and interim mayor. But here on isolated shorelines, Kirk is just another local guy getting in touch with what really matters in life.   [Admin:  His using a piece of lava rock in place of a lead weight brings back memories of my childhood when I did the same thing to save on buying lead weights, lol.]
Ulua Fishing Hawaii. footage of this giant Ulua/Giant Trevally caught from the sea shore of the Garden Island Of Kauai, Hawaii. Was hanapa’a by Henry Rivera with his custom made Ulua pole. Let me tell you this fish gave a fight. Kive, his son, assisted with the gaff to bring the big bugga in. Secret spot on the west side of the Island under over cast sky and humid weather. This Ulua was 80 lbs. plus… We caught a total of 3 Uluas over a week period. The other weights taken were 66 lbs. and a monster at 105 lbs. [More]
75 lb Ulua (Giant Trevally)  March 2010