Originally Uploaded on Dec 28, 2008 Catching Bull Reds and Black Drum at Grand Isle, Louisiana. Angler is LaSharkhunter from the LOUISIANA SHARK FISHING website, a LAND BASED SHARK FISHING website with Videos, Saltwater Fishing Reports, Shark Fishing Information, and Surf Fishing Tips. Come and visit LouisianaSharkFishing.com and network with other saltwater and shark fishermen.
Originally Published on Nov 30, 2012 Fishing for Mackerel in Port Clyde, Maine summer of 2012 [These kids may not be catching the biggest mackerel, but if this video doesn’t bring a smile to your face…]
Originally Uploaded on Oct 9, 2011 My son gets so excited when he catches fish. We were trolling spoons off the West end of Galveston Island, TX and have fun fishing for mackerel.
Originally Published on Sept 19, 2012 My son and I make a couple of kayak trips to the oyster shell reefs for tailing redfish. He is starting to get the hang of sight casting to reds. He has so much fun fishing with me in the bay. I think its time for a little shark fishing now.
When you head into the parking lot at Smith point beach, if you drive to the right (west) that’s considered Fire Island National Seashore.  The video is from Great Gun.  To get to Great Gun, instead of heading to your right (west) in the parking lot, you make a left drive on the beach heading towards Moriches Inlet.  If you drive past Great Gun, you will run into Moriches Inlet.   Fall 2011
9 Year old catching a Speckled Trout fish from Kayak.  Nov 2012
Red Drum (Redfish) Fishing on the coast of Texas. This particular fish was caught on bait while fishing the surf waters. Dec 2007
Mike fighting and bagging his second Ulua! This is his first one for 2012! Congrats Mike! Keep on pounding! [Admin: He may be just a kid, but he has much better raise-and-reel-down form than most adults I’ve watched!  Most want to raise-drop-and reel-in-the-slack!]
A little montage’ of fishing w/ Mike this past 2010. We had a great year fishing here in Ewa Beach. These are some of the fish we caught and the gear we were using. We just love using Shimano’s product!   [Admin:  I love how calm and patient Mike’s dad is with his coaching and advice.  Mike will certainly develop into a first class surf fisherman!] All prices as of 2/11/2015
I cast out the line for her but she hooked this one while she was reeling it back in.  She had a little help but this one I can say is her first!
Surf Casting pro Cole Wetzel bags a blue!
Caught all by my 4 year old daughter. North Sticks Bob Hall Beach.