Originally Published on Jan 1, 2015 Surf fishing at Cape Lookout.  December and really cold.  Fishing was fantastic!  Caught a pile of Surf Perch. Sand Shrimp for bait. 2-oz triangle weight.  Fish on the incoming high tide and get ready for plenty of action.
Originally Published on Jan 3, 2015 This video is actually two different fishing days. Both at the same beach but one day the tide was extremely high and the other day the tide was extremely flat.
Originally Published on Jan 24, 2014 My first attempt fishing for surf perch on a January morning. I ended the morning with 10 caught and 7 went to the dinner table. I used my steelhead gear with a 1-oz dropper and Berkley Gulp Sandworms.
Originally Uploaded on Jun 19, 2011 Surf fishing in Imperial Beach, CA for some nice surf perch.  Enjoy!
Originally Published on Feb 2, 2014 We fished through grey for 10, what appeared to be, male barred surf perch to 10- inches. Love the solitude of surf fishing in the winter and we always fish the Super Bowl because there is never anyone else on the sand. Well that is except for the sand pipers, always fish the pipers and never be disappointed.
Originally Published on Jun 9, 2013 It’s spring on the Oregon Coast and adventure waits at every turn; when the tide goes out the dinner table is set for thousands who gather to dig razor clams at Gearhart Beach in Oregon’s Clatsop County.  The best time to go is a couple of hours before the low tide — and the lower the tide the better, so check an Oregon tide table for the best dates and times. If you come, keep this in mind: when the clam tide ebbs and turns to flood there’s another fishing sport that takes over [More]
Originally Published on Jul 22, 2013 A mixed bag of  nice surf perch, corbina, and croaker taken from the surf by John Kim in North County, California.
Originally Published on Oct 7, 2013 Fishing between the Jetty and the Imperial Beach Pier…the Surf Perch was hitting hard! Back to Back action with no deleted scene! Need I say anymore
Originally Uploaded on Dec 25, 2010 This was in November. Best time of year for the spotfins here is late spring and summer. Corbina, yellowfin Croakers and barred Surf Perch also. This is at the north end of Sunset Beach. Going south on PCH over the bridge from Seal Beach take the first right at the highly visible TOWER HOUSE. Free parking
Originally Uploaded on Oct 11, 2009 Surf Perch fishing in Oceanshores, WA.   Me, my dad, and cousin Boggs fishing for Surf perch October 10 2009.  Sun is good, weather is nice, not much of wind and calmer waves, nice time to fish.  And believe it, it is mid October!
Originally Published on Aug 18, 2012 (August 11, 2012) Not a bad day surf perch fishing at San Simeon Beach, Cambria, California. The weather was warm and we were able to fish all day. We were using 7 ft. rods with medium reels and 8 lb lines. This is my latest fishing video in a long time (I haven’t posted anything because I’ve been busy) so hope all you fishermen enjoy it.
Originally Published on Mar 15, 2013 Reel Anglers is joined by the Triple R team again, Robert, Randy and Ruben for some red hot Surf Fishing. Jumbo toad barred Surf Perch in sunny Santa Monica…LETS GO