Reeling in a Big Barracuda while Surf Fishing in Florida. Visit our website: SPONSORS:  June, 2010 [Admin: Just need to make this observation. A long, drawn out fight weakens the fish and if you have no intentions of keeping it, it hurts a fish’s chance for surviving. I love light-tackle fishing and enjoy a good fight as anyone, however, its always a good idea to make sure you can bring your catch quickly to a landing, handle it carefully, and release it as soon as possible to minimize the stress it puts on the fish. Catch & Release [More]
Malcom catches North Carolina state record Tarpon off SeaView Fishing Pier, North Topsail Beach, North Carolina, 2011. 193 lbs, over 7 feet long!!!
WEBSITE: This Tarpon was caught fishing in Southeast Florida during the 2011 Mullet Run. We used cut mullet for bait and kayaked out the bait approximately 100yds. Bait Used — Mullet Hooks — 6 Mustad Beak Bait Hooks Leader — 3′ of #9 AFW Single Strand Wire & 5′ of 200lb monofilament Swivels — 200lb Barrel Reel — Fin-Nor OS9500 Line — 65lb Power Pro Rod — 13′ Breakaway HDX Surf Rod