Originally Published on Jan 29, 2014 Fishing is good in spring!
Originally Published on Dec 10, 2013 This is Jim, Linda, and me out fishing from the rocks in Monterey California. Jim is a YouTuber I met at the last PrepperStock. We have become friends and he is a true outdoors man. Please check out his channel if you like hunting and fishing he is Ebiczebulanious on YouTube. Get outdoors and meet up with people who are like minded…….you may be surprised.
Originally Published on Jun 7, 2012 http://www.flyfishingoregonblog.com This is a clip of fly fishing for Rockfish at the north Oregon coast. I was stripping clousers and large white conehead bunny leeches for Rockfish, and I also threw some larger baitfish patterns for Lingcod. A rather good day of action at the coast, but it gets way better than it is in this video.
Published on Mar 30, 2012 Hey! Thanks for checking out the first episode of Washington Fish Quest! Every month I will be targeting a different fish species in Washington’s incredibly diverse waters. The first episode is a three day trip to my favorite town in the world– Westport, Washington! The target is black rockfish.
Originally Uploaded on Feb 22, 2011 Awesome kayak fishing action from Pacific City, OR. His website is www.YakAngler.com