Originally Published on Jul 28, 2013 Zack catching a 37-pound King Mackerel off the Seaview Fishing Pier 7-28-13
Originally Published on Apr 21, 2012 Trolling and catching a smoker king mackerel off the beach in Navarre Florida. UPDATE Feb 2014!! In light of all the great questions and comments I’ve gotten from this video here is some advice to all you current or would be kayak anglers out there. You don’t have to go miles out into the water to catch big fish! Tons of fish can be caught close to shore. I’ve seen everything from Sailfish to Tuna caught within 2 miles of shore. Get out there and start trolling! Here is what I do and it [More]
Originally Uploaded on Jul 1, 2011 An afternoon of King Mackerel fishing at Navarre Beach Fishing Pier on Friday, July 1, 2011. For the latest fishing reports and pictures please visit NavarrePier.com
Originally Uploaded on Jul 26, 2009 While King Mackerel Fishing, off the Surf City Pier, at Topsail Island, N.C., Wes, landed this 29 lb Smoker. We’ve all spent alot of long days on the end of the Pier, but, when you get that one Fish, makes it worthwhile for all of us. There’s alot of Teamwork that goes on, when a fish is hooked up, because there are many lines, with live bait, still in the water, and the chances of the fish becoming tangled in those lines, are greatly reduced, by everyone, doing everything they can, to get that [More]
Trolling and catching a smoker King Mackerel off the beach in Navarre Florida.  Apr 20. 2012
Originally Uploaded on Nov 24, 2011 Orange beach Alabama
Saturday afternoon June 19, 2010 A strong King Mackerel run was on. @ Navarre Beach Fishing Pier