Originally Published on Jan 12, 2013 Isaac Brumaghim and Adam Traubman do some blue water kayak fishing offshore Oahu, Hawaii on “Hawaii Goes Fishing”.
Originally Published on Mar 29, 2012 Holly Beach, Louisiana, Red fish from a kayak.
Originally Published on Sept 19, 2012 My son and I make a couple of kayak trips to the oyster shell reefs for tailing redfish. He is starting to get the hang of sight casting to reds. He has so much fun fishing with me in the bay. I think its time for a little shark fishing now.
9 Year old catching a Speckled Trout fish from Kayak.  Nov 2012
Kayak Kevin Whitley explains how to catch big striped bass with live eels. For all your kayak fishing needs visit HOOK1 Kayak Fishing http://www.kayakfishinggear.com
Arroyo City, TX,  bull redfish, Hobie Pro Angler, 7′ Ambassadeur rod and reel, 15 lbs. test line, and a Rapala Xrap Chrome/Black back. June 8, 2011
His first time in a kayak and we find a massive school of redfish 3/4 mile off the beach. be sure and check out the underwater shots of the fish about 1 min into the video.
I expect keeper fluke (summer flounder) in mid-August – mid-September. It was a little too early, but I wanted to see if fluke had arrived in Point Lookout, MD., July 23, 2011 I caught 5 bluefish, 4 fluke at 12, 16, 16, 17 inches and 5 croaker at 12-17 inches
Lafayette Kayak Fishing Club member Greg Sonnier goes after the kayak grand slam of a speckled trout, redfish and flounder at Calcasieu Lake.