Originally Published on Oct 25, 2015 The tenth fish was a two and half hour grind. Called it a day at three, and headed home to beat the traffic. Follow me on https://instagram.com/mcbrianscott Instagram, https://twitter.com/mcbrianscott Twitter, and like my https://www.facebook.com/fishingwithB… Facebook page too.
Originally Published on Jan 13, 2013 http://www.modernpawnandguns.com http://www.facebook.com/modernpawnand…
Originally Published on May 22, 2015 Wade fishing and flounder gigging the South Shoreline at Port O’Connor TX.
Originally Uploaded on Feb 1, 2012 This is a seminar on How to fish for Fluke & Flounder Fishing. We also have a full length DVD with detailed animations, descriptions and tips on how to “How to fish for Fluke & Flounder” Fishing. Go to BigBassUniversity.com for more info. Please note: We can give you all of this in an online seminar for free, but our video has so much more information on it.
Originally Published on Nov 19, 2014 Went out with some good friends to Seawolf Park in Galveston,Tx to hook up on some Flounder. Water was a little rough and winds were high so we couldn’t get a good countdown for you all. We still went
Originally Published on Nov 29, 2013 In this video I show once again how effective live mullet on a Carolina rig can be. Shout out to Fishing Scout 11 minutes into vid, and shout out to my homies from Galveston Saltwater fishing.
Originally Published on Nov 14, 2014 November 2014 Surf Fishing Trip to Davis Island.
Originally Published on Sep 17, 2012 Caught this 22.25 inch Halibut on a soft bait that I have so much success with. Used a brand new Penn salt water reel, sweet reel if I say so myself. Smooth and very balanced reel.
Originally Published on Aug 29, 2012 Sorry for some of the audio. Hope you guys enjoys this surf fishing video!
Originally Published on May 18, 2013 I head to a favorite wading spot to get on some redfish, I also end up catching a nice flounder, too.  The baits I used were mud minnows and live shrimp on a cork rig. instagram: @jonathanboston_16 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/fishingforfood1
Originally Uploaded on Feb 20, 2011 Halibut come out of the deep water outside the Golden Gate Bridge in the early spring to find their way to their seasonal spawning grounds.  They always branch out all over the bay, north and south, hungry, but their favorite food, anchovies, are not always present.  So, their search often brings them to the pier where there always little fish to eat and that’s where we come in.  Add bait and hours, and you will catch them, too.  Good luck guys, but remember…things change day by day…adapt!
Originally Published on Jun 14, 2013 My family and I enjoy great surf fishing in Corolla,NC