This video demonstrates some of the basic soft-plastic presentations most commonly used for inshore gamefish. Use these retrieves as a baseline to work from, and then modify them (faster, slower, etc.) to suit the conditions you encounter on the water. Need more info about inshore fishing? Whether you’re a seasoned angler or new to fishing with artificial baits, check out for tips, articles and videos that can help you catch more fish.
Fishing for Bluefish and Striped Bass in Island Beach State Park, New Jersey, early spring 2011.  Great introduction to driving on the beach, rigging and baits/lures to use for blues and stripers along with some great action.  Surf fishing at its best!   [What they call “slammers” are also known as “chopper blues” further south in the Carolinas!]
This is preparing a live blue crab for puppy drum fishing, if you are chasing after bull drums, you would use a half or whole crab body.   You can also catch black drum off crab bait, too.
Ocean fishing in Ocean City, Maryland on the Boardwalk Pier.  Rented rod/reel outfit w/rig that consisted of 2 hooks; one above the sinker and one below.  Whole squid on each of the hooks.  Fish love being under structures.  Reeled slowly then stopped, then reeled again, that’s when he would get a bite and set the hook.  Music by: Kevin MacLeod Title: Cool Blast
Some of the saltwater fishing reels I use for Striped Bass fishing on Long Island waters. I was asked by two Youtube followers for my opinion on some quality reels for striped bass and bluefish fishing. I knew that list of reels was going to be too long to discuss in the message box and I decided doing this video might help explain my saltwater reel choices better. In the video I dicuss some of the Shimano, Quantum Cabos, Penn, Van Staal VM150 fishing reels I have in use aboard the boat for my striped bass fishing trips. Other reels, [More]
Fall fishing, Sandy Hook State Park, NJ incl a bonus false albacore from shore.  While this video was specifically made for the Jersey shores, the tips and advice given would apply to most beach areas along the mid-Atlantic to Florida, as well as Gulf shore areas.
Dan Hernandez on fishing tackle you’ll need for Surf Fishing. Filmed in Baja, Mexico.  Here’s the Sportfishing with Dan Hernandez Inshore Hook Kit he mentions and the Gulp! Saltwater Sandworm.