Originally Uploaded on Dec 4, 2011 Striped Bass Fishing using bucktails on a rocky shoreline. Surf Fishing for striped bass with bucktails including Striped bass fishing tips. This supplements my book, Fishing the Bucktail, Mastering Bucktails from Surf and Boat
Originally Uploaded on Mar 9, 2011 [Admin: While this seminar is aimed at fishing from a boat, many of these principles can be applied to fishing from shore.] http://www.thundermistfishingtips.com Get your own : – Boa Jig’r here: http://store.thundermistlures.com/hom… – Viper Spoon here: http://store.thundermistlures.com/hom… – T-Turn here: http://store.thundermistlures.com/hom… This week we have a very special video. Ivo gave a full 45 minute seminar at the Somerset New Jersey fishing show in 2010. The topic was Fluke/Flounder fishing. This video is the entire seminar, and is LOADED with tips after tips after tips of how to fish for Fluke and Flounder. This [More]
Originally Published on Jun 2, 2013 This supplements my book, Fishing the Bucktail, Mastering Bucktails from Surf and Boat.  This video shows How to catch Striped-Bass in bay waters on bucktails.
Originally Published on Jun 2, 2013 This supplements my book, Fishing the Bucktail, Mastering Bucktails from Surf and Boat. This video shows bucktail techniques for catching striped bass in bay waters.
Some people are actually surprised that you can get some nice fillets off the underside of a flounder!
Originally Uploaded on Jul 28, 2011 This episode teaches how to properly chuck and bait a surf clam. It’s important to use the whole clam for bait. It also shows how to use clam tie to secure the clam to the hook.
Originally Uploaded on Oct 29, 2010 Captain Van Hubbard shows tips, techniques and a few secrets for catching and rigging live bait. You’ll even learn how his own special way to prevent live bait from double hooking itself.
Published on Feb 10, 2013 I really liked Judah Clark’s video: How To Throw A Cast Net – No Teeth, Stay Dry, Easy Way Check it out for yourself. If you watch his and this video, you will be able to catch bait without a doubt. This is video from the NC coast, catching live bait, finger mullet. I took his videoed technique and did it from the THROWER’s PERSPECTIVE, because many people learn better from that vantage point, not observation view. This way you don’t have to reverse everything you learned, it is videoed by Go Pro chest mount [More]
Originally Uploaded on Feb 23, 2011 http://howtodoflorida.com Noel teaches us how to prepare blue crab to use a bait for a surf fishing adventure.
Originally Published on Oct 12, 2012 Cape Cod surf fishing http://myfishingcapecod.com/striped-b… Are you planning on fishing Cape Cod from the surf this October? Then check out this helpful video, and then head on over to the My Fishing Cape Cod blog for more information on finding and catching striped bass from shore off Cape Cod. [Admin:  Unfortunately, the audio is not always the best, but still some helpful tips for catching Stripers.]
Originally Published on Mar 3, 2012 William “Doc” Muller, author of books Fishing with Bucktails and Surfcaster, on using Bucktails in the Surf  
Originally Published on Mar 17, 2013 Surf fishing for false albacore, a small member of the tuna family. They’re also called little tunny. Casting for false albacore with Deadly Dick lures while fishing Long Island Sound.   or you can download A Season on the Edge (Stories From a Surfcaster’s Year) on Kindle for just $9.99  [Price as of 4/29/13]