Originally Published on Apr 9, 2012 http://www.floridainshorefishingchart… Captain Drew Cavanaugh Central Florida Saltwater Flats Fishing Guide ©2013 Drew Cavanaugh Photography Here is an easy knot to tie. It is known as the canoe man loop knot. It can be used for numerous applications, including saltwater and freshwater fishing. Inshore light tackle on spinning gear or fly fishing applications. Used for live bait and artificial alike.
Originally Published on May 3, 2012 This week we have a very important answer to a very important question: when is the right time to use a snap, or should I use a snap swivel, or should I tie my fishing lure directly to my fishing line? In this video, Ivo explains when exactly you’d want to use a snap, a snap swivel, or when to tie directly to your line. T-Turns are available here: http://store.thundermistlures.com/hom… As always, good fishin’! Ivo
Originally Published on Jun 9, 2013 It’s spring on the Oregon Coast and adventure waits at every turn; when the tide goes out the dinner table is set for thousands who gather to dig razor clams at Gearhart Beach in Oregon’s Clatsop County.  The best time to go is a couple of hours before the low tide — and the lower the tide the better, so check an Oregon tide table for the best dates and times. If you come, keep this in mind: when the clam tide ebbs and turns to flood there’s another fishing sport that takes over [More]
Originally Published on Dec 9, 2013 Supports his books Fishing the Bucktails, Mastering Bucktails from Surf and Boat and A Season on the Edge.  Surfcasting for striped bass with bucktails in rough surf from storm swells.
Originally Published on Oct 4, 2012 How to catch Striped Bass surf fishing while casting live eels. Striped Bass fishing tips for catching big striped bass on live eels. See my book http://tinyurl.com/season-on-the-edge
Originally Published on Oct 12, 2012 Cape Cod surf fishing http://myfishingcapecod.com/striped-b… Are you planning on fishing Cape Cod from the surf this October? Then check out this helpful video, and then head on over to the My Fishing Cape Cod blog for more information on finding and catching striped bass from shore off Cape Cod. [Admin: Unfortunately, sound quality is not that great.] Zara Spook lures
Originally Published on Aug 9, 2013 This video demonstrates how to catch Stripers off the beach!  It is very simple and fun.  The biggest mistake that most people make when Striper fishing is using too heavy tackle.  If you end up trying these tips out having success email me pictures at kidzfishing@ymail.com!  Thanks to all!  God Bless and Tighlines -Kidzfishing [He may be young, but he does an excellent job of explaining Striper fishing in Massachusettes.]
Originally Published on Jul 26, 2013 Fishing for fluke casting bucktails and Berkley Gulp Alive from shore. Supports my book Fishing the Bucktails, Mastering Bucktails from Surf and Boat.  Shows how to catch flounder from shore.
Originally Uploaded on Nov 19, 2010 Here’s a quick video to explain why you should lower your tire pressure when driving on the beach in the 4×4 area in Corolla, NC. www.twiddy.com/outer-banks-4×4-driving.a­spx
Originally Published on Jul 6, 2013 This video is about Wading Fishing for Flounder Tips and Tricks How To If you have any questions, please post them in the comment sections, and I will do my best to answer them.
Originally Published on Oct 31, 2012 Joined several good friends and captains to get out this September and see what the flounder bite was like on the pier. Well, thanks to a bad situation of saturated oxygen being dangerously low(Hypoxia), we were able to land a bunch of nice flat fish off the Surfside Beach Pier. Enjoy this show, cause it only happens about once every 6 to 10 years.
Originally Published on Oct 2, 2012 With their ability to strip a hook, hang-up in heavy structure and brawl to the bitter end, Blackfish/Tautog certainly are a challenge. Use these tips to gain an edge and put some bulldogs in your cooler.