Originally Uploaded on Nov 29, 2011 The Fisherman Magazine’s Senior Editor and surf fishing guru Fred Golofaro gives you the inside scoop on how to get the most distance out of your cast.
Originally Published on Sep 7, 2011 Watch and learn as Captain Vincent Russo shows you THE BEST way to clean you Sea Trout. Get maximum yield with EVERY FISH! Please subscribe!! Order the full DVD set at www.cleanyourcatch.com
Originally Published on Jul 6, 2013 Captains; Rob Koraly, Mike Taylor and Jeff Cronk fish Bear Inlet for Red Drum. Our first episode of Season 2.This fishery is incredible year round!
Originally Uploaded on Jun 13, 2009 What to do if you happen to get stuck while driving on the Outer Banks 4×4 beaches! These tips will help you out if you get stuck driving on the beach on the Outer Banks.
Originally Published on Apr 13, 2013 How to clean a spinning reel after saltwater use. Capt. Chris Myers shows how to clean and maintain your fishing reels. This method will clean and protect your reel and make it last for years despite the corrosive action of saltwater. http://www.floridafishinglessons.com Light tackle and fly fishing charters near Orlando
Originally Published on May 23, 2013 I demonstrate the Reverse Albright Knot, Jam Knot, Pr Knot and Double Uni-knot.
Originally Published Mar 16 2012 How to operate a spinning reel quickly and efficiently while fishing will help you catch more fish.  When sight fishing the saltwater flats, proper operation is essential to the quickness and accuracy you need to get your lure to the fish.   Capt Chris Meyers of www.floridafishinglessons.com explains and demonstrates how to properly cast your spinning reel for best results. [Admin: While he is giving instructions based on casting from a boat, the tips he shares also apply to wade fishing, casting from a jetty or the surf.]
Originally Published on Apr 20, 2014 Learn more about this video at http://bit.ly/1617c0p including recommended tackle at http://bit.ly/160L6vc from Northeast Angling (http://neangling.com). Free saltwater fishing video, tips and techniques, fishing spots, destinations, news, fishing reports, product reviews. and much more! In this video: Andy and Rich hook up with Fisherman publisher Fred Golofaro and spend the day experiencing the fall bite in the surf on the south fork of Long Island.
Originally Uploaded on May 18, 2011 Capt. Rod giving tips on beach fish Florida’s east coast. film, edited, and sound by Pure Ocean Productions
Originally Uploaded on Aug 31, 2010 A long time ago we made a video on how to spool a spinning reel to prevent line twist: however it was at low quality, and was hard to see the line. So we’ve redone it (due to massive popular demand). So now you can learn how to spool a spinning reel to prevent line twist in HD and with a visible fishing line. Here at Thundermist Lure Company, we’ve been asked several times “How do I spool line onto my reel properly?”, and “How can I avoid fishing line twist”. So we’ve put together [More]
Originally Published on Oct 12, 2012 Online: http://www.bennettmarine.com/fishing_… Surf fishing citation winner Bill Hall and Dr. Jim give you tips on improving your catch rate along the shore. Learn how to read the water to find schools, the best time to fish and what equipment to take with you to surf. Learn about special rigs, the best bait and how to prepare it so the fish can’t resist. You’ll learn the type of line to use, how to set up your rig and all about shock leader. No matter if you’re a seasoned surf fisherman or just want to learn this [More]
Originally Published on Apr 21, 2012 Trolling and catching a smoker king mackerel off the beach in Navarre Florida. UPDATE Feb 2014!! In light of all the great questions and comments I’ve gotten from this video here is some advice to all you current or would be kayak anglers out there. You don’t have to go miles out into the water to catch big fish! Tons of fish can be caught close to shore. I’ve seen everything from Sailfish to Tuna caught within 2 miles of shore. Get out there and start trolling! Here is what I do and it [More]