There are HUGE Bonefish living off the island of O’ahu, Hawaii. Louie the Fish lives on the island and guides flyfishing for Bonefish on the extensive Flats. It’s an explosive, action-packed fight when you hook into one of these fish…
Kayak Fishing Hawaii – What a month of fall mahi’s!  We have fished alot and every time we have gone out we catch, this is so fun! Launched at 5:45 – 6am by 6:15 I had boated this fish.  Its before 9am and I’m having the freshest Mahi for BREAKFAST – EVERY DAY MAHI.  Oct 2011
Inshore kayak fishing off Ewa Beach Road for O’io (Bonefish), caught and released a few Omilu (Bluefin Trevally). For more fishing videos, pictures and even recipes visit: Mahalo to Josh from The Whiskey Shits for letting me use the track. For more info and music from the band:
Paet and Nakuamura Ohana Memorial Day Camping Trip. Kahuku Oahu.
Caught this Papio (Jack Crevalle) during a tournament.   I caught the Papio on a live hinalea; dunk (bottom fishing) style with live bait mustad hook.  Medium pole with 20 lb. test line and 40 lb. leader.
My father in-law fishes his favorite hole for the prized Hawaiian fish, Moi.
Fishing Oahu’s South Shore on a beautiful Aloha Friday afternoon. [Papio (aka Jack Crevalle) is a popular fish to catch in Hawaii, and while many consider them to be “pests” on the mainland, is a targeted game fish.  I would rank it in the top 2 with o’io (aka bonefish) for shore fishing.  Of course, the coveted prize for the shore fisherman is the “ulua”, which is a papio/trevally of more than 10 lbs.  Other videos will focus on night fishing for Giant Trevally (GT’s) that run 50-120 lbs or more.] Credit: The Green – Travlah (Ways & Means)
Ulua fishing – Kauai, Hawaii 2012 GT Baitcasting from the beach.
Went out this past weekend and caught a few fish, including this one (a 5 lb o’io), a 10 lb o’io, and 2 kaku (barracuda)…fun day!
We called last call for alcohol, cut up the last of the bait for chum, popped the last of the 30 pack of Miller Lite and then, SCREAMER. The video starts about 30 seconds in to the initial strike, it is a little hard to hear with the wind whipping past the microphone, but you can still hear this monster fish ripping line off of the Penn 650. Also this pole is probably the best small pole for the price, only $19 at WalMart! Kili brings up this monster and Miki goes crazy! Nice fish to end the day on!
More nice Ulua/Giant Trevally fishing off the beach on southern Kauai.   Sept 2011   [Admin: Nice to see some catch & release practiced.]