Bluefish blitz at the Jersey Shore, October 2007

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Bluefish pushing peanut bunker onto the beach at Lavallette/Ortley Beach, New Jersey, October 2007


irlnd32 says:

Idiot boat almost beaching himself lol

jimamia77 says:

No more Jersey Shore swimming for me! I like to keep my toes, fingers, and earlobes.

7466309change says:

hungry fish.

fishboy77 says:

Outstanding footage. So cool to see them cruise through that clear water.

blamsamblam87 says:

Thats the one time where being on the shore is better than those guys on that boat haha

sk8jtX69 says:

Stay out of the water! lol

bigbadbruins1 says:

Wow great video.They are vicious.Teeth are like razor blades.

THEATREofPAIN270 says:

It’s always a great sight when you see that. I would have scooped them peanut bunker up, salted them down and Bam, Instant free fluke bait. Those were nice blues, Lots of light tackle fun there. I am originally from Highlands NJ and miss that soooo much. Thanks for the post jerseyjammer67….

browniecup100 says:

this is one of the times where you wish you had your cast net and sell those mullet.

ericbarasch123 says:

If I was at the beach and saw this I’d have
My little sisters (11, 9, 6) grab as many bunker as possible and throw them in a bucket or bag and I’d get a jig or spoon in the water… I’d catch a fish throw it on the sand and so on… Bluefish belly strips make amazing fluke bait

pugilist102 says:

If I had my fly rod…

bowhunta81 says:

they do this because they follow the bait around to eat that was all the fish that washed up on the shore. perfect time to be fishing,

MarcusX1971 says:

Very fantastic video, bluefish is a beautiful fish and a fighter for the sportfishermen. But I think is not amazing to catch fishes during a similar blitz, when an area of sea is full of fishes…that’s what I think, regards.

nightr4 says:

man i would love to fishing in there … could u imagine how meny u could catch with a 10 ft cast net? mmm 🙂 but those fish are amazing fighters … just watch out for those teeth they still fight ya for the hook lol

MrIAN1077 says:

I love when there’s a blitz.. my brother and I hit a striper blitz one time on the jetty at barnet inlet, NJ.There were so many stripers, that you could’ve walked on them. Every cast was a keeper sized fish. The funny thing was….I was soooo overwhelmed about what was going on that I forgot to keep my 2…hahahahaha…..It was just a great experience to be there. They had the peanut bunker pinned in the “horseshoe”.

Drfisher11 says:

That’s soooo cool!! There’s so many bunker then you just see blues in like a foot of water! And from shore!! Great video


wheres the wild snooki

Eroach2008 says:

Nothing like seeing bait beach itself rather than get eaten.

justanotherengine says:

“Blitz is ON…HIT “EM while they’re HOT” !

critterfreek82 says:

Bluefish gone wild!

jawsflounderace says:

what where they in like 6 inches of water

rbaquial says:

What time of year is this?! I’d LOVE to check this out live!!

HatingAndTrollingAnd says:

bluefish are great!

chongoonchua says:

awesome!!! normally one would juz put down everything and start fishing!! but u are cool!! u took it easy and video it!! so we get to watch it!! nice job!!

MrFishermen98 says:


lowaccord66 says:

No I would not fish anywhere near people surfcasting during a blitz from a boat, especially for bluefish that can be jigged in deeper water anytime. If you surfcast a lot you know access can be an issue, boat guys have unlimited access so why get in the way of surfcasters that have a limited area to fish.

Bbfishman says:

umm hes following the fish tough guy…if you were on ur boat nd saw blues breaking like this wouldnt you maneuver your boat near them so u could catch them?

Bbfishman says:

thats sickkkk…you’d have to be a woman not to be able to catch one of those fish under those conditions

FishHuntVA says:

god do i wish i wuz there with my rod… blues r sooo much fun!

quack447 says:

Free bait!

tancho321 says:

great video!

lowaccord66 says:

If I were fishing there i’d probably blast that boat with a bank sinker….hes got the whole damn ocean….

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