Almost Spooled – FL Apr 2015

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Originally Published on Apr 27, 2015

Almost spooled saltwater fishing off a causeway catwalk!!


Matt says:

It may be more costly, but this is why I always run my braid to my reels without backing. But you need a certain knot to do so to prevent spinning. (Ive seen tape and mono damage spools as well from people not removing their line every few months and rinsing it, or changing the tape and it traps salt in there causing issues like pitting of the spools. So make sure to try to remove the line all the way and clean the spools, or even try to replace the mono backing you use if the braid is still in tip top shape. )

Admin says:

I’m not really sure what this has to do with the video, but irregardless, a good tip. I have used tape on my spool and have never thought about the pitting that water trapped under the tape might cause. Thanks, I’m sure others can say the same.

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