30+ inch Speckled-trout becomes a 15 and 1/2″ speck

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What started out as a gator 30+ inch speckled trout ends up a 15 and 1/2″ trout while fishing with Captain Tanner Moy in Rockport, TX…watch closely!


thefisherman Robin says:

You have no idea
It`s a speckled trout boy!!!
go fishing

axs017 says:

if you watch the video at 20 seconds…its obviously a different fish than the one he ended up with…ive actually had that happen to me twice….its aggravating

higgy99999 says:

you have no idea what a speckled trout is. looks more like a brown to me.

toketitan says:

30″? i think not

DeathCabDriverx says:

I caught a 28″ down in galveston texas over the summer, it seemed WAY bigger than that one lol.

nref55 says:

Happened to me three days ago, with an undersize 12 inch trout, a 27″ had him in his mouth and came all the way to the pier with him, then let the undersize go… then my fishing partner throws a DOA at him, and bam, we pull him out

andrewells134 says:

ough the fucking shit dude sounds really super gay

Ih8stupidhumans says:

I would rather my child hear this than have someone like you teach them anything especially spelling and grammar. Real men do not care what another man says, If this guy was in your house I could understand but people like you need to clean up their own backyard before talking about their neighbors. I’m sure you have your own demons, while it may not be cussing there is something you dislike about yourself, try working on that and not point out the flaws of others.

stevensartifacts says:

…or they realize that words can’t be ‘bad..  only intentions. they are just words and they have a specific usage. i wouldn’t be proud of my child growing up and blindly following arbitrary cultural taboos, like yourself.

TheThartung says:

definitely a gator trout. not a redfish like stated before. We netted a 28″ trout one time that was choking on a 14″ mullet. If they can get their mouth around it, they’ll eat it.

will50h says:

its definitely not a red fish

b53bump says:

Language is not something you would be proud to hear you children use. It seems the fisherman in this video or hoping to prove there man hood by using words children are not allowed to use. Real men get past this adolesent point in life and achive a respect for the language and those who hear them.

floridafishingo says:


phineasgauge69 says:

That’s what happened here. A pretty good sized red came and ate up his 12-14″ speck, then spit him back out because he wasnt hooked of course. I’m from SE Texas, and caught some HUGE reds. They will eat a fish that’s easily half as long as they are. If they can swallow it, they’ll eat it.

phineasgauge69 says:

@telemarker77 Cocksucker, Motherfucker, Fuck, Shit, Cunt, Cock, Pussy.

phineasgauge69 says:

Yuo almost caught a nice one. That was a redfish that ate your spec, then spit him back out.

1fanofwwe says:

That almost happened to me but I cought a sand perch and when I lifted up my pole I think a mackerel was swimming at it and me and my dad was after mackerel too
I got so mad

Nathancl22 says:

Laaaa waaa fuuuuhkkk deeeeh sheeeettt

s197vert says:

Thats why u use a net man. nice trout

TexanFishin says:


fishinguy2008 says:

at 31 sec that dude seems pissed.lol

ecrousseau says:

that was crazy

HishowProductions says:

LOL omg

wheelwatcher420 says:

lol awesome i agree that was a mule trout 4 sure

wheelwatcher420 says:

lol awesome i agree that was a mule trout 4 sure

judeisawsum321 says:

hahahahahahahahaha 1:04

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