On the tides pages there are calendars covering each month graphically and also by the standard text based tide chart by hitting the “Text View” tab at the top. You can view the tide chart data on the calendar view for a particular day just by hovering your mouse over that day. Use the map links next to your State for easier navigation to the tide stations you’re looking for. US Tides: Alabama: (LIST) (MAP) Alaska: (LIST) (MAP) California: (LIST) (MAP) Connecticut: (LIST) (MAP) Delaware: (LIST) (MAP) Florida: (LIST) (MAP) Georgia: (LIST) (MAP) Hawaii: (LIST) (MAP) Lousiana: (LIST) (MAP) Maine: [More]
Originally Published on Sep 29, 2016 This was the afternoon from the morning I Albie fished, I was actually on my way home at noon and realized I was walking away from something good so I turned around, put my waders back on, and went for a longgg walk down a deserted NJ beach. I was hoping to catch Albies again but knew there’d be some bass potential so after seeing there were no Albies I threw the popper. What I was not expecting to happen happened, the bass were piled up into the end of a trough tight to [More]
Originally Published on Aug 14, 2016 0:00 catching bait 1:36–6:31 fighting a 7lb papio Song: Irie Vibe Went to Sand Island early in the morning to catch some Halalu for bait, and after catching about 2 dozen for live bait, me and my uncle headed to the North Shore to throw them out and caught a nice 7lb Omilu papio. Official fight was 13 min long with a three way swivel setup, a 20lb mono leader, and a long lead line. Hope you enjoyed watching and aloha…….
Originally Published on May 21, 2016 Sandy Hook NJ 5-16-16. Surf fishing. Topwater. Double on one plug.
Originally Published on May 12, 2016 Decided to hit up Staten Island, I usually don’t like to head out over there because its far and also because of the crazy $16 toll!!! I put that all aside and went for it and it really paid off!!! Had action all day. hope you guys enjoy Please like, comment and subscribe Brooklyn Fishing Club Link: http://www.brooklynfishingclub.com/
Originally Published on Nov 8, 2014 “Cap-cam” of drum fishing Cape Hatteras 11/6/2014
Originally Published on May 29, 2012 Treasure Trout – Capt Blair Wiggins catches a monster speckled seatrout with DOA Lures creator, Capt Mark Nichols at Stuart, FL. http://www.addictivefishing.com RIG IT RIGHT 7’6″ Flats Blue Inshore rod 7’6″ Flats Blue Travel rod 3500 W&M Sabalos reel 10lb FINS Windtamer 15lb FINS Extra Smooth 20lb Seaguar Premiere Flourocarbon leader 309 DOA 3″ Shrimp 425 DOA 3″ Shrimp
Originally Published on Nov 11, 2015 Plugging the surf for striped bass. Fishing a hole located in a large cut between two bars. This area held fish all week long.
Originally Published on Jan 3, 2016 Video is from the afternoon of Saturday Jan 2, 2015, launched the kayak, met up with friends, picked a couple fish up over the course of the day. I ended up with a nice Bluefish and a couple Striped Bass, missing a few others. At dusk the herring got real frisky and at times were swimming onto shore chasing 1/4″ baitfish. At the very last hint of daylight I got a bite on a live Herring and landed my first fish from the Beach in 2016, a fat 31″ Striper. Make sure to check [More]
Originally Published on Dec 1, 2015 2 fish caught on 1 lure at 7:58 BlacktipH’s channel! https://www.youtube.com/user/BlacktipH Check out my other saltwater fishing vids! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list… Lures Used: Yo-Zuri Hydro Popper (1.5 ounces, red head) Rod/Reel/Line used: Abu Garcia Orra Inshore (7:1:1 – 30 lb suffix 832 braid, 40 lb bullbuster fluorocarbon leader) with a BPS extreme 3-piece travel rod (6’6″ mh/fast) GOOGAN definition: A fishing (not sexual) term for lowlife, shore(bank) fishermen who baitfish typically without a license, regard to regulations, and etiquette towards other people, especially other fishermen following the rules. Location: Florida Date: October 21st, 2015 Primary Pattern: [More]
Originally Published on Oct 2, 2015 Fishing Rhode Island’s West Wall in the End of September during a storm with perfect conditions that resulted in me capitalizing and catching two big cow Stripers 30 and 25 Pounds plus.
Originally Published on Nov 12, 2015 Fishing Rhode Islands South Shore with a Berkley Flatback shad on a 3/4-1oz Kalins Bullet Jig head and a Teaser Deceiver Fly for striped bass. Striped bass on this Mid November day were stacking up in between the rocks and pushing the bait into the rocks allowing me to have easy access to catching loads of fish in a short matter of time.
Originally Published on Oct 25, 2015 The tenth fish was a two and half hour grind. Called it a day at three, and headed home to beat the traffic. Follow me on https://instagram.com/mcbrianscott Instagram, https://twitter.com/mcbrianscott Twitter, and like my https://www.facebook.com/fishingwithB… Facebook page too.